Driving Successful Results With Technology

For Tony White, producing cattle is not only his livelihood, but it’s his way of life and legacy.

The Nebraska cattleman has been involved in his family’s cow/calf, feedlot and backgrounder operation for as long as he can remember.

“It’s all I know,” Tony says. “I’m driven by improving our herd and performance each year.”

As the second generation on the Sarben Ranch, Tony focuses on breeding, raising and feeding cattle with the best genetics to improve the cattle industry and his herd.

Going from paper to iPad

Tony and his team recorded herd and feeding data on pencil and paper and later transferred that data to spreadsheets. It was a flawed, cumbersome process.

So, when Tony’s neighbor recommended Performance Beef complement to Tony’s new feed wagon and scale, he was immediately interested.

“Performance Beef has allowed the Sarben Ranch to become much more focused on nutrition that drives successful results,” says Tony.

The technology allowed the team to swap paperwork and double data entry for an iPad, leading them to time-saving and more accurate results. Plus, he and his team can check on the farm remotely.

Tony also uses Performance Beef to track individual animal health data and monitor overall herd wellbeing and performance trends.


“It has made us better at what we do,” says Tony. “It’s a good program and better than what some of the bigger feedlots are using. I’d recommend it to anyone.”


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