Reducing Stress with Accuracy and Efficiency

High-risk calves are hard to start and hard to manage. Many producers find it most difficult to get them healthy and growing. And that’s the part that Jim Hollenback really enjoys as a nutritionist and in his own backgrounding operation.

“High-risk cattle are stressed,” says Jim. “They’re stressed in every element, from environmental stress to social stress to nutritional stress. So we’re just trying to remove that element of stress.”

As a nutritionist, he’s able to work with a variety of cattle producers. Every situation is different. The one thing that has helped Hollenback and his customers become more efficient is technology.

“We’re trying to find the best cost of gain and healthiest calves,” says Jim. “With Performance Beef, we’re able to capture all of our records and data really easily.”

Transitioning to new technology

Jim started using Performance Beef in his own backgrounding operation before recommending it to his customers. Before using Performance Beef, he relied on a program that required him to transfer information from his home computer via USB to his scale head.

“Performance Beef is a lot more user-friendly,” says Jim. “I can change it from my phone from anywhere. It’s really convenient and more accurate. You have less chance of a mistake or human error.”


Today he uses the cattle management software with customers to help them build the best nutrition program for their cattle.

“Whenever someone has a ration change, I’m able to make changes from my phone,” says Jim. “It’s been extremely handy for them and me.”

Performance Beef saves time for him and his customers. He’s makes changes in real-time, and customers don’t have to wait to print the updates and hand out the information to their employees.

“It removes stress for me,” says Jim. “I have a more efficient, accurate tool. I know all the information is correct.”


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