Generations of Progress

Tyler and Brad Haun
Miller, South Dakota
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Stewardship is a responsibility and an honor fourth-generation rancher, Tyler Haun, doesn’t take lightly. 

“Ever since I was little my dad always taught me that we do this because God trusted us with these cattle,” he says. “It’s our job to steward everything — the cattle, the land and the people around us.” 

That philosophy motivates him to look for ways to continuously improve the operation since he and his wife moved back to Miller, South Dakota, in 2018. For Tyler, technology like Performance Beef helps them be better stewards of their operation. 

Elevating pen and paper

As their cattle-feeding business has grown, the old pen and paper was no longer cutting it. As a custom feedlot, the Hauns needed a more precise, efficient way to track and share information with their customers. Performance Beef has been the solution.  

“Anybody will tell you that to succeed in this industry or any industry, we’ve got to be open to new technology and be willing to embrace those advances,” Tyler says. “There are some really exciting ways we can use this technology to do a better job here and to serve our customers better.”

The Hauns have been using Performance Beef for the last five years and it has become an important part of their operation.

“We love Performance Beef because it saves us a ton of time and it makes it super easy to track our inputs,” Tyler says. “That’s the biggest thing, is to know exactly how much we have in every animal on our place and be able to communicate that.”

They enjoy how user-friendly the program is and appreciate the top-notch customer service. Beyond that, their custom-feeding customers have applauded the transparency it provides them. They can review daily gains, cost and more at their fingertips from anywhere.

At day’s end, Tyler says, there is one word to describe Performance Beef — “useful.”


Steve Van Heerde and his son, Riley, look at Performance Beef on their iPad in front of cattle on feed.

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