Finding Success with Stocker Cattle

About 90% of the cattle Greg Williams buys are high-risk stocker cattle. He focuses on creating a good environment for them with a solid starter ration, clean pens and water, and a processing session when they arrive.

He got started by flipping smaller groups of cattle every couple of months. Recently he changed his focus to selling larger groups in one turn. He now has roughly three big turns of cattle a year. Marketing has been key. He uses Performance Beef for a clear picture of his business.

“It paid for itself immediately. I know my breakeven, how many cattle I’ve lost and feed cost on a daily basis,” says Greg. “It really helps me better market and understand what I need to get for my cattle.”

Boost in confidence

Greg says his record keeping was a circus before using Performance Beef. “It was a cobbled-up, pen-and-paper mess. I didn’t know where I was sitting until I sold the cattle.”

Today he knows where he stands – good or bad – with a couple clicks in Performance Beef. The information is beneficial for him and his banker. Greg can easily show his banker his margin on a set of calves or financial performance for the year, and discuss future expansion plans.

Greg also relies on the cattle management software to communicate with his nutritionist, Jim Hollenback. He reviews the rations and makes adjustments as needed.

More time with family

Not only does Performance Beef save time and stress, it also benefits his home life.

“Now I can go to the office for 30 minutes a day, and I can spend that much more time with my little girls and my wife,” says Greg. “This is especially important for his young and recently expanded family.” 


Jordan Gall

Clarkson, Nebraska

Crunching the numbers using Performance Beef showed the Gall family where overfeeding was costing their business every month. The ability to accurately capture every dollar spent on feed made it easy to switch to Performance Beef.

Lee Marriott

Stover, Missouri

Managing 500 Balancer cows is enough to keep anyone busy. Add in backgrounding 300+ yearlings, and it’s easy to see how Lee Marriott is strapped for time. He tried Performance Beef despite some initial skepticism and gained more time for cattle and family.

Granum, Alberta, Canada

Kenny Hofer wanted to modernize how he fed cattle and tracked health protocols. That’s why he turned to Performance Beef™. The solution has paid for itself in his ability to turn data into sound management decisions in record time. Less time spent behind a desk has been an added bonus.