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See what cattle producers from all over have to say about their experiences with Performance Beef.


Jordan Gall

Clarkson, Nebraska

Crunching the numbers using Performance Beef showed the Gall family where overfeeding was costing their business every month. The ability to accurately capture every dollar spent on feed made it easy to switch to Performance Beef.

Lee Marriott

Stover, Missouri

Managing 500 Balancer cows is enough to keep anyone busy. Add in backgrounding 300+ yearlings, and it’s easy to see how Lee Marriott is strapped for time. He tried Performance Beef despite some initial skepticism and gained more time for cattle and family.

Data from Performance Livestock Analytics software and competitive grid marketing access from GeneNet helps beef producers market the value of their cattle.

Granum, Alberta, Canada

Kenny Hofer wanted to modernize how he fed cattle and tracked health protocols. That’s why he turned to Performance Beef™. The solution has paid for itself in his ability to turn data into sound management decisions in record time. Less time spent behind a desk has been an added bonus.

Carson Guenzi Featured Image

Sterling, Colorado

Carson Guenzi, his brother and his cousins grew up with crops and cows. When they joined the family business, they expanded to include finishing cattle. As the feedlot grew, technology replaced spreadsheets.

Pat Reisinger and Sam Schwartz - Featured - Image - 440 x 440

Waterville, Iowa

A passion to feed the world. That’s what motivates Pat Reisinger, whether he’s milking cows, in the pig barn or in the field. Technology is a big part of the diverse operation’s success. Pat and herdsman Sam Schwartz rely on Performance Beef™ to precisely manage dairy rations.

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