In Development

Performance Ranch

make handwritten notes a thing of the past

One easy-to-use app that captures and tracks your key cow-calf data in real time. Tap in to Performance Ranch for simplified management and more effective, strategic decision‑making.

A Solution Tailored For Cow-Calf Producers

Coming soon, our latest solution designed specifically for cow-calf producers. Performance Ranch is designed to help you easily capture health, nutrition and performance data and track herd inventory in real time. See how the easy-to-use software will help you find insights in your data so you can make more informed, efficient and profitable management decisions. You will be to access this all-in-one tool anywhere, from the pasture to the office.


Easily capture data

Perform day-to-day herd management with intuitive technology that makes it easy to add new animals, pair cows with calves, and record events and costs by animal. It works for multiple users in real time, allowing them to perform functions online or offline from their mobile devices.

Turn data into
effective decisions

The customizable dashboard generates reports on reproductive efficiency, sire performance and performance measurements that fit your management style. Quick access to your herd’s real-time data provides you with the most accurate information.


Integrates with how you operate

Performance Ranch integrates with most chute scales, so you can record events chuteside to capture essential real-time data. You also can enter weight estimates and other data manually at the chute. The app works with multiple types of tags: visual, low frequency and ultra-high frequency. Plus, it is designed to easily upload existing herd data from spreadsheets or other software.